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Example uptake output of the ADOPT tool.

What is ADOPT?

ADOPT (Adoption and Diffusion Outcome Prediction Tool) is a web-based tool that allows you to evaluate and predict the likely level of adoption and diffusion of specific agricultural innovations with a particular target population in mind.

There are two versions of ADOPT. In addition to the standard version that has been designed for developed country scenarios there is Smallholder ADOPT which is usually best used in developing country scenarios. Both are accessible via the ADOPT website.

More than 1000 users from project teams, agricultural R&D investors, research organisations, extension agencies and international NGOs from 43 countries have already used ADOPT.

The tool uses expertise from multiple disciplines to make the knowledge surrounding the adoption of innovations more available, understandable and applicable to researchers, extension agents and research managers.

The tool has been designed to:

  1. Predict the likely peak level of adoption of an innovation and the time taken to reach that peak
  2. Encourage users to consider the factors that affect adoption at the time that projects are designed
  3. Engage research, development and extension managers and practitioners by making adoptability knowledge and considerations more transparent and understandable.

[Animation image appears of a truck moving along a road, parking, and then boxes coming from the rear and being stacked and then the camera pans upwards and a blue arrow appears pointing to text: Rate of uptake]

Narrator: Whether you’re developing a brand new idea, have a product that’s being released or a management option that farmers can benefit from, you’ll want to know its likely rate of uptake.

[Image shows the arrow then extending to the right of the screen and morphing into a question mark and then the camera pans down and the image shows a farmer throwing seed onto the ground]

But predicting the rate of adoption is difficult and understanding the drivers can be the difference between triumph and costly failure.

[Animation image shows a tree next to the farmer dying and then the animation image changes to show a close-up of a Smartphone showing the CSIRO logo and text: Predict an innovation’s rate of adoption]

ADOPT is unique and easy to use software which allows users to predict an innovation’s rate of adoption by the target market.

[Camera zooms out to show an animation image of a male holding the Smartphone and then text appears: Adoption Strategy]

With a particular focus on agriculture, ADOPT guides your innovations adoptions strategy.

[Animation image shows a blue arrow moving in and out of the text and then the image shows the blue arrow forming a box around the text]

We work with mainstream agriculture, natural resource management, intensive agriculture, or smallholders in developing countries.

[Animation image changes to show a line graph on the computer screen]

Now, you can better explore and understand time frames and opportunities to increase adoption rate with the easy to use interface.

[Animation image moves to the left and an animation image appears of a hand holding a Smartphone on the right and text appears on the screen: Characteristics?, Users?, Advantages?, Easily Learnable?]

This is done by asking about the characteristics of the innovation and its users, advantages of using the innovation and how easily potential adopters can learn about the benefits of it.

[Animation image changes to show a farmer holding a Smartphone while behind him a blue line moves along and eventually forms into mountains and a ticking clock appears above in the sky]

It not only generates a prediction of the likely peak level of adoption and the time required but also shows what level of adoptions could be achieved by changing the innovation or extension strategies.

[Animation image changes to show a view looking down on farms bordered by roads and then the animation image changes to show a spinning world globe which morphs into the CSIRO logo]

Join the more than 1,000 users from project teams, agricultural R and D investors, research organisations, extension agencies and international NGOs from 43 countries who have already used ADOPT and try a free version of ADOPT today at ADOPT.CSIRO.AU.

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ADOPT was developed through funding by the Cooperative Research Centre for Future Farm Industries, and support from GRDC, ACIAR, CSIRO, University of Western Australia, DAFWA and Victorian DEPI. Ongoing development has been in collaboration with the University of Western Australia.

How does ADOPT work?

ADOPT is structured around four categories of influences on adoption:

  1. Characteristics of the innovation
  2. Characteristics of the target population
  3. Relative advantage of using the innovation
  4. Learning of the relative advantage of the innovation.

ADOPT users respond to qualitative and quantitative questions for each of twenty-two variables influencing adoption. Going through this process also leads to increased knowledge about how the variables relate to each other, and how they influence adoption and diffusion. More information on the ADOPT methodology was published in Agricultural Systems.

Who should use ADOPT?

ADOPT is particularly useful for people and organisations with an interest in the adoption of agricultural innovations, such as:

  • Agricultural R&D organisations
  • Government departments
  • Catchment management organisations
  • NRM groups
  • Agriculture extension officers.

It is useful for providing information to assist with funding decisions or for when more detailed information regarding expected rates of adoption and diffusion are required.

Accessing ADOPT

ADOPT is available via a free Trial Account that allows users to access the ADOPT model to predict the Peak Adoption Level and Time to Peak Adoption for your technology. Individual and Team subscriptions are available for unlimited adoption rate simulations of your projects.

ADOPT can be accessed via

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